Stress Management and Relaxation Workshop


Sarawak Hospice Society was privileged to have Mrs Kala Pohl from USA to conduct a workshop on Stress Management and Relaxation on 15th February 2020. Mrs. Pohl is an artist with great interest in reducing stress for cancer patients and carers. She has developed relaxation techniques using art during her time at Moffitt Cancer Centre, USA as part of Arts in Medicine Program.


We were very fortunate to have her here to conduct this workshop. The participants were nurses, doctors and attendants from the Department of Oncology, Sarawak General Hospital.

She touched on various aspects how health care workers are constantly exposed to stress. She used various daily clinic as well as ward routines as examples to illustrate how one can attempt to avoid escalation of certain simple issues that we encounter daily.


She also touched upon on relaxation methods that one can use during acute stress as well as chronic stress. The participants had a great interactive session and ended with Q and A session.


The workshop ended by 1pm with a lunch. This workshop was hosted by Sarawak Hospice Society as part of our continuing effort to explore areas that would assist health care workers to improve their quality of life and thereby provide better care to cancer patients and families.