Matti Aapro, MD

Multidisciplinary Oncology Institute, Genolier, Switzerland

Executive Director, SIOG


Dr. Matti Aapro received his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland. He was a fellow at the Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson and was the founding chair of the Medical and Radiation Therapy Department at the European Institute of Oncology in Milano.


Dr. Aapro is presently Dean of the Multidisciplinary Oncology Institute, Genolier, Switzerland. He serves as Executive Director of the International Society for Geriatric Oncology (SIOG). He was member of the Board of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC). He is a Board Member and past-President of the Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC).


Dr. Aapro chaired the scientific and organizing committees of UICC’s (International Union against Cancer) World Cancer Congress of 2008 in Geneva, and 2010 in Shenzhen (China), and continues for the 2012 WCC in Canada. He is member of the ECCO/ESMO 2011 Scientific Committee. He coordinates the SPCC programme of the European School of Oncology. Dr. Aapro is Editor-in-Chief of Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology, as well as Associate Editor of Annals of Oncology, Associate Editor for the geriatric section of the Oncologist. He is also member of the editorial board of Journal of Clinical Oncology (breast section), and of the Journal of Geriatric Oncology. He has authored more than 250 publications and his major interests are new drug development, breast cancer, cancer in the elderly, and supportive care.



Riccardo A. Audisio, MD FRCS(Engl)

President, SIOG

Honorary Professor – University of Liverpool


Riccardo A. Audisio was born in Milan, Italy and graduated in Padua (1980): he specialised in General Surgery (1985) and Diagnostic Radiology (1994).


Trained at the National Cancer Institute of Milan (1980-94) he was appointed deputy director at the Department of General Surgery of European Institute of Oncology, Milan (1994-8).


He moved to the United Kingdom in 1999 to become Consultant Surgical Oncologist and Honorary Professor at the University of Liverpool.


He is Editor-in-Chief of Surgical Oncology, Elsevier Publisher. Author of 165 peer-reviewed publications and 35 book chapters, Prof. Audisio edited 17 book projects; he is guest reviewer for a 27 peer-reviewed international journals.


Prof. Audisio is member of 15 international scientific societies including BASO, ESSO, SSO, ASGBI, ESMO, ASCRS, AAA, SIOG and EUSOMA. He is ESMO Committee Member, chairs the Education & Training Committee of ESSO and is Honorary Scientific & Meeting Secretary for BASO.


His clinical research focuses on Breast Cancer and Geriatric Oncology; Elected President and Board member of SIOG (International Society of Geriatric Oncology) he also chairs the Surgical Task Force. He is involved with the EORTC Cancer in the Elderly Study Group, and chairs advanced courses for the European School of Oncology on this topic.



Michael Thomas Jaklitsch, MD

Division of Thoracic Surgery

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, USA


DrMichael gained his tertiary education in Tulane University, New Orleans and subsequently graduated with MD from University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore in 1986. Later on, he completed numerous post-doctoral certification from various prestigious institutions including Harvard School of Public Health, Boston (1997) and Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge (2003).


DrMichael is certified as Diplomate in Cardiothoracic Surgery by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery. He is licensed to practice in various states of the US, ranging from Alabama, Massachusetts to Minnesota. He holds various academic appointments with the present position as Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston. And since 2008, he has been contributing as Courtesy Staff, Thoracic Surgery, Milford Regional Medical Centre, Milford.


He has been active in a number of National and International Committees, including appointment to Editorial Board of Surgical Oncology, Surgical Tast Force of SIOG and DrMichael has been member of SIOG since 2003. He is also reviewer of various publications, including J of Clinical Oncology, J of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Annals of Thoracic Surgery, J of CardioVascular & Interventional Radiology, Chest, Lung Cancer, Critical Reviews in Oncology Hematology, Annals of Surgical Oncology and Future Oncology.


DrMichael is also award winner of 2008 F.G. Pearson Teaching Award, which was voted on by Cardiothoracic Fellows. Over the past twelve years, DrMichael has developed a large clinical caseload, performing over 400 thoracic surgical operations per year.  He developed a national reputation for minimally invasive approaches to non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), surgical treatment of advanced lung cancer, and lung transplantation, as well as an international reputation for minimally invasive treatment of elderly lung cancer victims.  He served as Surgical Director of the BWH Lung Transplant Program from 2003 to 2007, and in that capacity oversaw the growth of the program to a record level of 26 transplants in 2004, placing BWH in the top 10 centers for lung transplantation.  DrMichael currently serves on the executive councils of several organizations committed to continuing medical education, including Treasurer for the Massachusetts Chapter of the American College of Surgeons, Executive Counselor for the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and on the Medical Executive Committee at Carney Hospital. He is also currently the Thoracic Surgery Section Chief for the Carney Hospital and South Shore Hospital.


Read further on DrMichael’s Research Activities.



Kunihiko Kobayashi, MD PhD

Department of Respiratory Medicine,

Saitama International Medical Center, Saitama Medical University

Chairperson of the board of directors of North East Japan (NEJ) Study Group


Dr Kobayashi graduated from Nippon Medical School in 1983 and completed his PhD in Internal Medicine in 1991. He had held various leadership positions in the medical school and later on as Head Physician of Outpatient Clinic and Respiratory Section in Saitama Cancer Center. Since 2007, he has been appointed as Professor and Director of Department of Respiratory Medicine, Saitama International Medical Center. DrKobayashi is also Director of NEJ Study Group during 2006-2010 and at present, he is Chairperson on the Board of Directors of this organization.


DrKobayashi is member of various prestigious institutions including ASCO, IASLC, ISOQOL, EORTC – QLQ Group and FNCA. He has numerous research publications on EGFR Mutation in Lung Cancer and his pioneering work in this area had contributed to the advancement of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer.



Reinhard Stauder, MD

Associate Professor at the Department of Internal Medicine V (Haematology and Oncology), Innsbruck Medical University,  Innsbruck, Austria


Reinhard Stauder received his Doctoral Degree in Medicine in 1981 from the University of Innsbruck and in 2006 received a Master's Degree in Health Sciences from the University of Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology, Hall in Tirol, Austria. From 1994 - 1996 Scientific Member at the Basel Institute for Immunology, Basel, Switzerland.


RS is a specialist in Internal Medicine, a Certified Specialist in Hematology and Oncology and Associate Professor of Medicine at Innsbruck Medical University, Austria. His main clinical and scientific focus lies in geriatric oncology as well as in Myelodysplastic Syndromes.


RS is a member of the EORTC Leukaemia Group, of the EORTC Task Force Cancer in the Elderly and the European Leukemia Net (ELN). RS is a member of the board of the Austrian Society for Haematology and Oncology  as well as chairman of the MDS Group and chairman of the Geriatric Oncology Group of the Austrian Society for Haematology and Oncology. RS is the National Representative for Austria in the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) and is founder and chairman of the Austrian association "Aid in elderly cancer patients" (Verein Senioren-Krebshilfe).


Catherine Terret
, MD PhD

Centre de lutte contre le Cancer Léon Bérard, Lyon, France

Co-coordinator, Pilot Project in Coordination of Onco-Geriatric Services, Lyon


Dr. Terret completed her PhD in Medicine and post graduate Specialty in Medical Oncology in 1994 in Besançon, France. She earned a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology in 2000 in Toulouse, France.


She practiced Medical Oncology at the Institut Claudius-Regaud of Toulouse and the Institut Gustave-Roussy of Villejuif where she also was involved in the Clinical Pharmacology Unit and Phase I trials.


In 2000, she joined the Centre de Lutte Contre le Cancer Léon Bérard of Lyon to develop the Geriatric Oncology Program. She earned her certification in Gerontology in 2005.

She currently co-coordinates the Unité Pilote de Coordination en Oncogériatrie of Lyon, a program which combines the adaptation of cancer-related healthcare plans to older patients along with staff educational and research initiatives in elderly patient assessment and therapeutic decision-making.


Between 2006 and 2010, she was Associate Professor at the University of Sherbrooke (Canada). She is currently an active member of the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG). At present, she is on staff at the Léon Bérard Regional Cancer Centre in Lyon, France.



JWW Coebergh, MD PhD

Professor of Cancer Surveillance

Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam



Prof Coebergh graduated as MD from University of Leiden, The Netherlands in 1974. He continued his MSc in Social Medicine, Public Health Administration from Neth Institute of Preventive medicine, Leiden in 1979. Subsequently, he obtained his PhD in Epidemiology from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1991.


Prof Coebergh has been senior researcher and head of research (1997) in the same university. In 1984, he assumed the position as Epidemiological Consultant, Eindhoven Cancer Registry, Comprehensive Cancer Centre South, The Netherlands. He also heads numerous research organizations, among others, the Chairman of Dutch Federation of Biomedical Societies ( and of subcommittee for self-regulatory codes for research with data and tissue since 2003. Prof Coebergh is also co-founder of Gerionne: foundation for Geriatric Oncology in the Netherlands. Prof Coebergh is also member of Int Epidemiological Ass (IEA), Society for Epidemiological Research (SER- USA) and Editor for Epidemiology and prevention, Eur J Cancer. Among the many honours that Prof Coebergh received, he was elected as Honorary member of European Society of Radiation Oncology (ESTRO) in 1996 and received the Annual Muntendam Award, Dutch Cancer Society in 2005. See Prof Coebergh’s research publications and ongoing research in epidemiology here.



Federico Bozzetti, MD

University of Milan, Italy

Faculty member of ESPEN


DrFederico Bozzetti was born in Milan, Italy and graduated in Milan in 1969. He specialised in Surgery (1973) and in Oncology (1975). He spent most of his career at the National Cancer Institute where he worked as deputy director of the GI Gastrointestinal Unit (1981-1999) and as director of this unit later (2000-2003). In the mean-time he was chief of the Nutritional Support Team. From 2004 to 2007 he was appointed as Chairman of the Department of Surgery  at the General Hospital of Prato. At present he is professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Milan and he is working as private oncologic surgeon.


His main scientific interests mainly include:


- the surgical treatment of colorectal and gastric cancer (he was coauthor and coeditor respectively of the Scientific Bases  to define the Guidelines for the Treatment of Colorectal and Gastric Cancer, published in the years 2009 and 2010, respectively  by the “Alliance against cancer”, an organization which includes all the Italian oncologic Institutes).
- the nutritional-metabolic support of the surgical and cancer patient. He recently chaired, on behalf of the European Society for Clinical nutrition and Metabolism  (ESPEN), the programme of  the Guidelines on the use of Parenteral Nutrition, which involved 11 international committees and were recently published in Clinical Nutrition.  At the present he is Faculty Member of the ESPEN.


Dr Bozzetti  published 232 papers as reported in PUBMED (plus a similar number of papers non quoted in Medline), 3 books and  chapters  in several other books.



Chul-Koo Cho, MD PhD

Director General

Department of Radiation Oncology

Korea Cancer Center Hospital, Seoul


Dr Chul-Koo Cho completed his undergraduate medical degree from Seoul National University College of Medicine in 1980. He later on pursued his Master degree in Medical Pharmacology and subsequently obtained his Doctoral Degree in Radiation Oncology from his alma mater in 1994. He has since worked in the same department until he moved to his current position as Director General of Department of Radiation Oncology, Korea Cancer Center Hospital, Seoul.


DrCho’s overseas experience had been with M.D. Anderson Hospital, USA as Clinical Observer in the Department of Radiation Oncology in 1991 and as Research Fellow, NIRS Japan under the Division of Clinical Research. His major involvement in Radiation Oncology has been using wide array of radiation technology to treat cancer, including the recent CyberKnife. His research areas expanding Biological Dosimetry, Radiation-induced apoptosis, Adaptive Response Radioprotector and Radiosensitizer, among others.



Donald Poon Yew Hee MBBS (S'pore) M Med (Int Med) MRCP (UK) FAMS

Raffles Cancer Centre, Raffles Hospital, Singapore


Dr Donald Poon is a Medical Oncologist who graduated from NUS. He underwent advanced specialty training in medical oncology at National Cancer Centre, Singapore (NCCS), and subsequently practised as a consultant in NCCS. Dr Poon was Assistant Professor in Medicine at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and clinical teacher at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. He was also Honorary Medical Director of Singapore Cancer Society from 2007 to 2009, and founding President of the Society of Geriatric Oncology in Singapore. In recognition of his efforts in patient care, he received the Humanity Healthcare Award in 2006 and STAR Excellent Service Award in 2009.


In addition to general medical oncology, Dr Poon has keen interest in sarcoma, melanoma, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, bile duct cancer, neuroendocrine tumours and geriatric oncology. He developed a geriatric oncology programme that specialises in treating elderly patients with all varieties of cancer, and was given the SingHealth HMDP training award in geriatric oncology in Moffitt Cancer Centre, USA in 2006. He is the national representative of Singapore in the International Society of Geriatric Oncology. He is also an active clinical investigator in multiple investigatorinitiated and pharma clinical trials. His research work in oncology has been extensively published in international oncology journals.



University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia


Professor Dr Chong-Kin Liam, is a Professor of Medicine and consultant respiratory medicine physician working in the University Malaya Medical Centre/Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His clinical and research interests include lung cancer, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He is a council member of the Malaysian Thoracic Society and the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology.


Professor Liam is a founding member of the Asthma Council Malaysia and a council member of the Lung Foundation of Malaysia.


He has published more than 110 scientific papers in peer-reviewed medical journals and is the author or co-author of 193 scientific papers presented at national, regional and international scientific meetings.




Abdul Aziz Baba, MBBS FRCP (Edin) MRCP (Ire) AM

Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia

Prof Dr Aziz Baba is a Professor of Medicine and Dean of the School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Kelantan Malaysia. He is also a senior consultant haematologist/oncologist at the University Hospital (HUSM). He graduated in Medicine from the University of Melbourne in 1979 and following house jobs in Melbourne,  trained in Internal Medicine, Clinical Haematology and Medical Oncology in Singapore, the UK and Australia.  He established the Oncology and Haematology units in HUSM and is also responsible for introducing stem cell transplantation services in the Hospital.


Dr Aziz’z main clinical and research interests are in the areas haematological malignancies,  stem cell transplantation , molecular oncology and medical education. A senior member of the haematology/oncology  fraternity in Malaysia, Dr Aziz chairs the Clinical Haematology Specialty Committe of  the National Specialist Register and is also the present Chairman of the National Conjoint Board for Postgraduate Medical Education in Malaysia.



Biswa Mohan Biswal, MBBS MD DNB FAMM

Hospital University Science Malaysia


Associate Professor Dr Biswa Mohan Biswal is currently working as a consultant clinical oncologist in hospital USM since 1998.


He graduated and followed by obtained postgraduation from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi India in 1991. Subsequently obtained diplomate of national board of examination in radiation oncology discipline in 1992. Earlier he worked in AIIMS until 1997.


He is an active member to American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Society of Therapeutic Radiology & Oncology (ASTRO), Malaysian Oncological Society (MOS), Indian Association of Radiation Oncology (AROI) and Academy of Medicine Malaysia.


He has conducted more than 10 research projects as a primary investigator and published more than 70 papers in various peer reviewed journals, presented 40 lectures and papers in various forums. He also has written chapters in Text Book of radiation Oncology published in year 2000. In view of his work he has been awarded by International Union Against Cancer (UICC), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), AIIMS, and I-TEX.


Read further on Abstract of DrBiswa's talk.


CR Beena Devi, MBBS DMRT MD DIP MED MMed (Palliative Care)

Dept Radiotherapy, Oncology & Palliative Care, Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, Malaysia


Dr. Beena Devi is a Senior Consultant Clinical Oncologist in the Department of Radiotherapy, Oncology and Palliative Care, Sarawak General Hospital since 1992. She obtained her MD Degree in Clinical Oncology in 1987 and her Masters degree in Palliative Care in 2000. Over a decade, the results of the two programs that she pioneered on early detection and palliative care were published in Annals of Oncology and included in the WHO programs as models of cancer care.


Her keen interest in research led to the landmark finding on NPC, resulting in a

collaborative research on Genetic Epidemiology of NPC with IARC, France. In 2009, she won a competitive two-year international research grant for research on breast cancer. Most importantly, her clinical and research work led to the ESMO accreditation of the centre she heads and is the only ESMO Designated Center of Integrated Oncology and Palliative care in South East Asia.


To date, her research work has been published in many peer reviewed international journals. She is a reviewer for many peer reviewed international journals and the guest editor for AMJ (Australasian Medical Journal).


Click links to DrBeena's Publications and her homepage as head of department of DRO.



Tieng-Swee TANG, PhD

Dept Radiotherapy, Oncology & Palliative Care, Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, Malaysia


Dr. Tieng-Swee Tang completed his Ph.D in Medical Physics from the University of London in 1984.  He has been with the Department of Radiotherapy, Oncology and Palliative Care, Sarawak General Hospital since 1984.  He has been instrumental in improving the standard of physics and bringing it to par with international standards.


He has contributed vastly from the very beginning when the department began its service, not only for physics but also in other areas in Quality Control and Assurance. He is project Leader for Malaysia for Forum for Nuclear Co-operation in Asia. He is involved in most IAEA training programs and hence been able to contribute to updating the physics service in the department. His research interests include cancer epidemiology, cancer-down staging and palliative care.  He has co-authored more than ten papers in peer review journals and is the Chairman of Sarawak Hospice Society.


Click on the links to read about Sarawak Hospice Society and DrTang's Publications.



Shamir Chandran, MD

Dept Radiotherapy, Oncology &Palliative Care,

Sarawak General Hospital, Malaysia


Dr Shamir Chandran received his medical degree from the Academy of Medical Sciences, Kerala following which he received his post graduate doctorate in Clinical Oncology from Manipal Academy of Higher Education. He received further training in Palliative Medicine and did his Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research from Regional Cancer Institute, Kerala, following which then served as Lecturer in Genitourinary Oncology in same institute. Currently he is serving as consultant clinical oncologist in Sarawak General Hospital.


He was involved in research on prevention of bone metastases in prostate cancer and use of TKI’s in the management of metastatic cancer of the cervix; currently his main area of interest include colorectal and lung cancer, especially in the field of targeted therapy, and is involved in research trials exploring the same. He is also actively involved in raising community awareness of cancer, early detection and prevention.



Rajiv Choudary, MD
Dept Radiotherapy, Oncology & Palliative Care,
Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, Malaysia


Dr. Rajiv Choudary completed his master’s degree from Manipal. He underwent further training in Dept of Radiation oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. He has been working with MOH Malaysia (DRO, Hospital Umum Sarawak) for the past one year. In addition to being involved in international clinical trials in the department, he has keen interest in basic science research in cancer of nasopharyngeal ,colon  and cervix. He is involved in community awareness education on cancer in Sarawak.