Acknowledgement of Donation to KK - Dinner Event on 30 Sep, 2023 - See earlier post and the below Photograph taken on 28 Oct, 2022.



I attended the Annual Charity Dinner organised by Persatuan Sukarelawan Kanser Sabah on 30th September 2023 on behalf of the Sarawak Hospice Society.


I wish to describe how our Society got involved in this project that helped the Sabahans. In April 2022, Ms Jane from Roche casually asked me how we run our home care programme. After I have explained how we do it, she told me the difficulties the Persekutuan Sukarelawan Kanser Sabah (NGO) faced. At the time, they were doing many community-based projects in rural areas of Sabah. I told her that maybe we could assist with the equipment needed for home care and basic training.


I checked with our Hospice team and agreed to help them out. Their team visited us on 28th October 2022 to accept the whole set of home care devices. We helped to arrange the transport of equipment for home care to Kota Kinabalu.


When I received the invitation to attend their Annual Charity Dinner, I was not expecting to hear the stories about how our donation helped them with their programme.  I was overwhelmed with their stories. The oxygen concentrator helped to ease the suffering of dying patients, even in remote parts of Sabah. We know what it is like to see dying patients struggle with shortness of breath. It is harder for the family to watch that suffering. I am very grateful that our Society’s donation eased the suffering of cancer patients in Sabah.


I have added some photos of the event that I attended on behalf of our Society. Let us continue to help others who are in great need. Helping others is a privilege; we are blessed to have that opportunity.



Dr Beena receiving souvenir from organiser



Dr Beena and members of Persatuan Sukarelawan Kanser Sabah together with Ms Jane from Roche (M) Sdn Bhd.