The outpatient clinic has been aesthetically and carefully designed to provide a functional, comfortable waiting area for patients, complete with fountains, aquariums, reading material and soothing music. The walls feature over 40 paintings, both original and reprints from famous local and international artists, which has given the waiting area the nickname of ‘The Art Gallery’.


Patient waiting area in SGH, DRO


Outpatient services are conducted by a team of Specialists and Medical officers, attending new cases, in-patient referrals and follow up cases on an appointment basis from 8AM to 5 PM daily. Only emergency cases are seen on a non-appointment basis. They are assisted by the clinic nurses, adept in all of the local dialects and trained interviewing and counseling of cancer patients and families. Certain specific subgroups of patients’ e.g older patients, patients in pain, depressed patients undergo a subjective assessment of their Quality of Life or Pain scoring during the waiting period, so as to assist the doctors in decision making.


Out Patient Clinic Nurses


Medical Officers

Our Specialists:
Dr Beena Devi (sitting, center)
Dr Shamir Chandran (left)
Dr Rajiv Choudhary (right)
Dr Tang Tieng Swee (standing, center)



Assessment tools used for a baseline recording and for further reviews to assist in formulating treatment plans and to assess their efficacy.

  1. Brief Pain Inventory- Pain assessment is administered using a questionnaire developed and validated by the hospital that incorporates both a subjective and objective pain assessment, and serial monitoring and recording of pain intensity with treatment. Our study on using Pain as the 5th Vital Sign has been published in an International Journal (see Publications) and was presented at the Fourth Asia Pacific International Symposium on Pain Control, 2007.

  2. The Groningen Frailty Index has been in use since November 2009 to assess the functionality of all patients older than 65 years so as to decide the optimum modality of treatment that must be administered to them. This is also being used as a template for further trials into Geriatric Oncology as very few hospitals employ this form of assessment for their elderly cancer patients.

  3. The HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale has been in use since Feb 2009 administered to all new patients to assess their mental well being and as a baseline template to compare with after the implementation of programs such as art in medicine.

  4. Eastern Cooperative Oncology group Performance status assessment is done for all patients at all visits, to assess the feasibility of delivering treatment with a curative  intent.


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Outpatient pharmacy


The Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology has its own dispensing pharmacy manned by a team experienced in the reconstitution and dispensing of various chemotherapeutic drugs.  All supportive medication and drugs for treatment of pain including morphine are also dispensed from this pharmacy.