Paul Calabresi Award


Dr. Beena Devi was selected for the Paul Calabresi award for 2011 by SIOG (International Society of Geriatric Oncology), a professional oncology society based in Genolier, Switzerland championing the course of treatment of cancer in the elderly. At the 11th annual meeting held in Paris in 4-5th November 2011, Dr.Beena Devi was presented with the Paul Calabresi award in recognition of her outstanding work in oncology, providing a holistic approach to cancer care and creating awareness in geriatric oncology in this region in Sarawak. She is the first Asian to receive this award as all previous recipients have been from Europe or US. The Paul Calabresi Award is the first step towards realizing this aspiration to be the first in Asia for establishing world class Geriatric Cancer Care in this region.